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Meet the Senior Staff:

Managing Editor
Zoraida rdova

Back from a short stint in the wild-wild-west, Zoraida has a new appreciation for the MTA. She is majoring in Creative Writing and will randomly chose a minor next semester.

Vice President
Steve DeSiena

Steve's the kinda guy stuff just happens to. He spends most of his professional time being a scholastic literary superstar, and he spends most of his leisurely time reading nerdy science fiction novels and browsing craigslist.

Senior Fiction Editor
Thesanica Marcos

Thesanica has worked with The Olivetree Review since Fall 2006, starting off as a fledgling Fiction Editor. She majors in English Language Arts and minors in German. When she's not putting her mind to school-related use, she can be found making random remarks in the office. Her hobbies include knitting and playing video games, besides the usual reading and writing bit. She hopes to become a figure useful in publishing the near future, so beware.

Senior Art Editor
Nora Milm…