Meet the Senior Staff:

Managing Editor
Zoraida Cordova

Back from a short stint in the wild-wild-west, Zoraida has a new appreciation for the MTA. She is majoring in Creative Writing and will randomly chose a minor next semester.

Vice President
Steve DeSiena

Steve's the kinda guy stuff just happens to. He spends most of his professional time being a scholastic literary superstar, and he spends most of his leisurely time reading nerdy science fiction novels and browsing craigslist.

Senior Fiction Editor
Thesanica Marcos

Thesanica has worked with The Olivetree Review since Fall 2006, starting off as a fledgling Fiction Editor. She majors in English Language Arts and minors in German. When she's not putting her mind to school-related use, she can be found making random remarks in the office. Her hobbies include knitting and playing video games, besides the usual reading and writing bit. She hopes to become a figure useful in the pubishing the near future, so beware.

Senior Art Editor
Nora Milman

In addition to her position in OTR, Nora is the President of Hakol, the Jewish voice of Hunter. She can probably beat you in Tennis, and loves hulu.com.

Senior Poetry Editor
Kim Nguyen

A senior, Kim is the author of Monsoons in a Communist Land (1st Generation Press, 2007). She wants fun in the sun and shelter from the rain.

Office Manager
Salvatore Conte

Sal is the creator of the Faust Short story contest. He will have your soul for dinner.

Publicity Manager
Irina Dorosheva

Irina's reading and eating habits are equally omnivorous, as she will either read or eat the whole thing if you don't take it away from her.

Submissions Manager
Jessica Taghap

Aside from short walks on the beach, Jessica enjoys the casual musical lottery rush. She is responsible for making sure your submissions get read, so please, be nice.

Events Coordinator
Melissa West

Melissa West is an independent mover, choreographer, and poet. That means she likes to make dances and she likes to play with words. She will graduate from Hunter College in 2009 with degrees in dance and creative writing. This means she will be living in a box for much of her adult life. In her spare time she likes to doodle and read books. Her favourite poet is T.S. Eliot. Oops, she's shattered her lobsterpot.

The purpose for this blog is to give something to the Hunter Literary community that doesn't just involve submitting your writing followed by the wait and see. We have some creative writing classes, but what happens after that? There are so many writers at Hunter College, and the school has yet to keep up. Please expect everything from book reviews (novels, writing help, etc.), writing prompts, NYC based readings, writing contests both from Hunter and the outside world, and the usual rant.

The Olivetree Review