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Spring Internship

If you're interested in trying out the world of Literary Agenting, this post my apply to you:

"Firebrand is looking for 2 awesome interns for the Spring Semester.
Here is what we're looking for:

- Avid readers, amazing writers.
- An interest in books (duh).
- Marketing/PR/Publicity/Web Design experience nice, but not necessary.
- An exquisitely professional phone voice.
- AWESOME personality (this counts more than anything).
- 8-10 hours free a week (in, at least, 4 hour blocks). "

E-mail Nadia Cornier at
subject line: spring intern

More on Firebrand <--click

a message from our friends at C.A.N.

(musicians, poets, painters, sculptures, graffiti artists, photographers…)

Sign up now for c.a.n.'s 1st annual
Social Justice Café

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 from 7:30-10 p.m. in thomas hunter hall 105b

Express yourself about the war in iraq, the war in afghanistan, our government, or any other forms of protest art

Hosted by the Campus Antiwar Network

Food and beverages will be provided at your convenience!

please e-mail for more info and/or to sign up on the open mic list

We’ve been silenced for too long. now’s our chance to let the voice of the antiwar movement be heard


From the English Deptartment:

The Hunter College Department of English & Graduate English Club Presents:

"'Back Pedaling Into Mayflower Time':
Malcolm X, C.L.R. James and the Black Radical Tragic"

a presentation by

Jeremy Glick,
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Hunter College

November 24th, 2008, 7:30PM
11106 Hunter North

Professor Glick couples together some observations on Malcolm X's use of memorable lines from William Shakespeare during his 1964 Oxford Union debate presentation with an introduction to how he is reading C.L.R. James's use of the tragic in his historical writings on the Haitian Revolution. His commentary begins with an extended engagement with Guyanese novelist, critic, and political activist Jan Carew's reflections of his time with Malcolm recorded in Carew's 1994 memoir: Ghosts in Our Blood: With Malcolm X in Africa, England, and the Caribbean. Both Malcolm and James frame the tragic as a term that mines the importance of both the contingent and the str…

Ain't no party like a Halloween party

This is true.

For our first open performance night of the year, we opted for the Halloween theme. Grrrr, dead writers rising. Very scary business. There is not much to say, except for that the party was a blast. There was singing, scat-cating, poetry, story retellings, a band, a DJ, wine, candy and Mexican food. If you couln't make it this time, then shame shame and you'll have to wait for next semester.

Thank you everyone who attended. Especially our lovely host David Amador, our DJ man Steve Silvestri, and The Lillapucians.

Picture roll:

Edna, Holly, Charles, Zelda

The Lillapucians

Banjo guy

Thesanica as Charles Dickens

Irina and Melissa

Melissa as Edna St. Vincent Mallay
and me as Zelda Fitzgerald

Steve DeSiena as himself

David Tuchman as Daniel Plainview

Last show!

Self-promotion doesn't suit me at pay attention

I'm trying to be all writerly with myself and get out there like a writer should/could/really would, even if I've got projects in school right now.

So, have a gander at my blog about it :)

In the meantime, our Halloween Open Mic was a blast! We'll eventually have proper pictures up of the event. Thanks to all of the students that came to perform! Without you guys, we would have had no fun. :( Please think of us in the next few days as...