Nov 6, 2008

Ain't no party like a Halloween party

This is true.

For our first open performance night of the year, we opted for the Halloween theme. Grrrr, dead writers rising. Very scary business. There is not much to say, except for that the party was a blast. There was singing, scat-cating, poetry, story retellings, a band, a DJ, wine, candy and Mexican food. If you couln't make it this time, then shame shame and you'll have to wait for next semester.

Thank you everyone who attended. Especially our lovely host David Amador, our DJ man Steve Silvestri, and The Lillapucians.

Picture roll:

Edna, Holly, Charles, Zelda

The Lillapucians

Banjo guy

Thesanica as Charles Dickens

Irina and Melissa

Melissa as Edna St. Vincent Mallay
and me as Zelda Fitzgerald

Steve DeSiena as himself

David Tuchman as Daniel Plainview

Last show!