Places to go besides the 68th street "bistro."

Nosh on some words and take off your sweater:

Thursday: March 15th at 6:30pm
Steven Greenhouse
@The Tenement Museum Shop
108 Orchard St (at Delancey St)
Subway: F to Delancey St; J, M, Z to Delancey–Essex Sts

A FREE event!
Whats going down:
Where is Eugene Debs when you need him? American labor has been under assault for years, and Greenhouse discusses the plight of blue-collar citizens in his book, The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker.

Feeling shafted? I've been meaning to visit the Tenement Museum for awhile. My class was recently in a documentary about Anzia Yeserskia (should be released to festivals by the end of the year and on PBS in about a year - I'm the one that makes a remark concerning one of the characters in Bread Givers and then stupidly eyes the camera, ruining the shot- it'll probably get cut)

Saturday: March 21st @ 8pm
The one, the only:
Paul Muldoon
Ripping it up @ the Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery (between Bleecker and Houston Sts)
Subway: B, D, F, V to Broadway–Lafayette St; 6 to Bleecker St

This event costs $15
Described on's website as:
RACKETT>> An evening of poetry and rock and roll with Paul Muldoon, the Pulitzer Prize winning poetry editor of the New Yorker, and the Princeton-based band Rackett, featuring Stephen Allen (keyboards), Bobby Lewis (drums), Lee Matthew (lead guitar, vocals), Paul Muldoon (guitar, lyrics), and Nigel Smith (bass).

RKOMMENTARY: I had such a great time seeing Muldoon for free that it's a pain to cough up $15----BUT with the addition of a BAND this should be interesting. If I'm not home washing my hair, I most likely will be checking this out.


This weekend I had to buy Invisible Man by Ellison. I used a 25% off one item coupon at Borders and got a new copy. You can see how exciting a Saturday can be up here in the 914.

Olivetree had a meeting about a new Workshop concept that Reuben is heading (and hopefully, a good portion of us are backing). It sounds really amazing and once we sort everything out, you can expect a blog post about it (as well as a facebook message).

Open mics are in the works:

*St. Patty's is Limerick open-mic. Make a start on you Limerick Career (I've seen dozens of postings on craigslist)

*The planning for the big open-mic is in full swing. Hopefully TH105 will see some new faces mingling with the old.

Please note the FLYER in the post below- It's a contest. Create an ode. Try to win. Literary Sports. If I had to write an ode right now it would be about...humm....olfactory glands.

Hope all is okay with you/ your pet/ your job and your blossoming quarterlife,