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Hunter College & Sarah Lawrence College Students
Poetry Reading

Hosted and Curated by Tina Chang,
Adjunct Lecturer, Hunter College & Sarah Lawrence

Sunday, May, 3rd, 2009
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Verlaine, 110 Rivington,


Sasha Fahme
Maria Garcia
Larrin Gerard
Richard Gonzalez
Erika Henry
Lauren Hourihan
Samson Lahti-Parsell
Vidonna Michailov
Audrey Moyce
Miranda Nadeau
Justin Pestana
Fausto Pinto
Sita Rojas
Jake Schneider
Jamie Smith
Cristine Somerville
Shannon Vayo
Anthony Figueroa

Direction: J, M, Z, F to Delancey Street

Free and open to the public
Go because:
-This poetry reading will be awesome.
-I read last year at Telephone Bar and it was scary-cool.
-Hunter students: undergrads! YES.
-It's on a Sunday.
-Tina Chang is a fantastic poetry professor. (Although my bias is heavy handed, ahem, I had her for two workshops).
-Supporting the writing community at and of Hunter is important and often a bit neglected, so…

Remember: April 24th>>DEADline.

-I got my Gatsby dress and it's huge and smelled like old lady. It is now washed and smells like great laundry detergent.

-We are currently reading our respective folders and everything is coming along. We are yay and nay-ing. Please drop by if you are interested in being an editor or coming on board as staff.

-The office got a makeover. Reuben, Zoraida, and Victoria cleaned it out. There is a new red couch. To anyone who sat on the disgusting (yet beloved) predecessor, this is a remarkable improvement. There are photos on FB of the new and improved office. Many things have been moved and organized.

I hope everyone had a great holiday.

Spring 09 Submissions! - EXTENDENDEDEDED!

All deadlines have been extended through April 24th, 2009.

So far we have gotten many more submissions than last semester (at least in poetry). This extended deadline should give you a chance to attend a workshop or flesh out a piece you had not readied in time. Come by Thomas Hunter 212 and give us more fantastic work to consider for the upcoming publication!

Come enjoy our refreshments (freebooze and food) and listen to some talented people drunkenly take the mic and try not to screw up lines they've gone over a hundred times. Or at least come and watch me do that. I love a good heckler- so come heckle if you don't fancy yourself a clapper.

Dressing up is encouraged. Photos will be taken and possibly posted here or on FB. Of course if you'd like to remain on the dl and mysterious- your right to do so is recognized by the entire Hunter College Administration (and you may consider purchasing those funny glasses …

The OTR In Pictures

Regrettably, we weren't able to get too many fun pictures of our literary adventures up on this blog throughout the course of the past year. I admit, we were possibly just a bit too out of our minds to properly keep a pictorial journal. We all know that looking at pictures is a lot more fun than reading words.

I have a few nice ambient shots of the office that I occasionally snap in the early morning, before the crew rushes in to make our humble office claustrophobic. I thought I'd share a couple with you in hopes that you'll actually feel as if you were there with us through the good and the bad of this past semester.

Here's the office in its entirety. It can sometimes feel like we're helpless animals trapped in cages in the great kennel of Thomas Hunter, but it's home. Sometimes it's just a tad much too home for some of us and, as a result, we often recommend that no one actually sit on our couches. Legend has it that they were brought in by previous admin…