Hunter College & Sarah Lawrence College Students
Poetry Reading

Hosted and Curated by Tina Chang,
Adjunct Lecturer, Hunter College & Sarah Lawrence

Sunday, May, 3rd, 2009
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Verlaine, 110 Rivington,


Sasha Fahme
Maria Garcia
Larrin Gerard
Richard Gonzalez
Erika Henry
Lauren Hourihan
Samson Lahti-Parsell
Vidonna Michailov
Audrey Moyce
Miranda Nadeau
Justin Pestana
Fausto Pinto
Sita Rojas
Jake Schneider
Jamie Smith
Cristine Somerville
Shannon Vayo
Anthony Figueroa

Direction: J, M, Z, F to Delancey Street

Free and open to the public
Go because:
-This poetry reading will be awesome.
-I read last year at Telephone Bar and it was scary-cool.
-Hunter students: undergrads! YES.
-It's on a Sunday.
-Tina Chang is a fantastic poetry professor. (Although my bias is heavy handed, ahem, I had her for two workshops).
-Supporting the writing community at and of Hunter is important and often a bit neglected, so it shows great solidarity when we get down en masse.

important people doing important things. yes our fall 08 issue has been sent to the printers. now onward to the gala.