Apr 4, 2009

Spring 09 Submissions! - EXTENDENDEDEDED!

All deadlines have been extended through April 24th, 2009.

So far we have gotten many more submissions than last semester (at least in poetry). This extended deadline should give you a chance to attend a workshop or flesh out a piece you had not readied in time. Come by Thomas Hunter 212 and give us more fantastic work to consider for the upcoming publication!

Come enjoy our refreshments (free booze and food) and listen to some talented people drunkenly take the mic and try not to screw up lines they've gone over a hundred times. Or at least come and watch me do that. I love a good heckler- so come heckle if you don't fancy yourself a clapper.

Dressing up is encouraged. Photos will be taken and possibly posted here or on FB. Of course if you'd like to remain on the dl and mysterious- your right to do so is recognized by the entire Hunter College Administration (and you may consider purchasing those funny glasses with a nose and mustache attached).

Well, it's a beautiful Saturday night and I've got a couple of seasonal Captain Lawrence brews to enjoy. Please keep us abreast of your praise, questions, hatemail, (and if you proof read - corrections to this blog post), etc.
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