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Have a good summer!

Stay tuned for workshop news & publication news. If anyone wants to meet up and bookswap - email us! ALSO: OUR NEW ISSUE IS OUT.

Spring 2009 Farewells:

The other day I was sitting in the office, sharing a bag a popcorn (sort of) and I got this very sort of sad feeling. The issues are coming in and we are getting sweet mugs and t-shirts, so I knew that wasn't the cause.

Some very dear members of the olivetree review staff are getting the hell out of dodge. (those rascals).

Here are some near and dears who have decided that graduating from CUNY Hunter is a good idea (I personally have been here awhile, but have not come that close to filing for my degree. "Give it awhile...." I say, let me finish my major up and then take requirements like the idiot I am...or older transfer student I am, whatever) and will be missed by TH 212. They will always have a place here. They will no longer have a key, and the phone is disconnected, but still:

Salvatore C.:
Known as "Sal" Jack of all trades. Proclaimed smartstuff and reader of foreign languages. A good travel guide and not an asshole. Completely thorough in everything he did…

Spring 2009 (in short)

The Olivetree Review is holding their end-of-year elections. If you'd like to run for the following categories, please e-mail us at by Friday.

Managing Editor
Office Manager
Senior Fiction Editor
Senior Poetry Editor
Senior Art Editor
Publicity and Events Manager
Production Manager

In other news, we will continue our monthly fiction and poetry workshops during the summer with some possible monthly mini-poetry shindigs @ our colorful office.

There are mugs and tote bags and t-shirts on the way, as well as our issue #44 within 2 weeks.

Goodluck with your finals.

* Zoraida

Open Mic Recap

If you missed the Prohibition Night Open Mic event- sucks for you because it was great. A lot of people showed up and I took a lot of pictures (majority posted on FB). D. Tuchman (pictured above as himself) did a great job hosting, reading, and not wearing his glasses. I was impressed.
While I don't know Milena personally, I do like her work. She read wonderfully. I remember she read an Audre Lorde poem last year.
Steve D. and Dubbs had a skit that I only somewhat understood. It was a monologue piece but I was half in the bag and trying to crawl out at this point. Needless to say, my inner monologue was battling theirs.
Reuben and Sal did the whole Who's on first dealie. It was hilarious. There's a recording on FB somewhere. Why don't guys dress like this all the time? I wrote something a while back called "When Men Wore Hats" and my friend Brian totally ripped it from me and titled his painting that. THEN some guy came over and saw it and decided to write about…