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Welcome: Fall 2009.

Birthday Portrait of R.K., age 24.

Things we (I, one Rebecca Kish, [liability precautions]) think are important for Fall 2009 and seasons to come:

It is important that you pick up the newest olivetree review literary review. We worked hard on it. Reuben and I beasted through the copy with no mistakes and a lot of love. Zoraida melted down and hardened up and had a steel grip. Many others contributed as well. The photography of one, Ms. Lulu Dong is featured. She makes us look really awesome. The writing ain't half bad either.It is important that if you feel the writer rumblings, an appreciation for literature (if you were a word sculpture, you'd be "in the round") and, or, a need to connect to other people who love to drink wine and spill it on books: that you stop by Thomas Hunter Room 212. The people in this room want you there. We are cool. So cool that we need staff to replace our getting gutted last semester. We are so cool we take off our shoes in front of one an…