Aug 8, 2009

Welcome: Fall 2009.

Birthday Portrait of R.K., age 24.

Things we (I, one Rebecca Kish, [liability precautions]) think are important for Fall 2009 and seasons to come:

  • It is important that you pick up the newest olivetree review literary review. We worked hard on it. Reuben and I beasted through the copy with no mistakes and a lot of love. Zoraida melted down and hardened up and had a steel grip. Many others contributed as well. The photography of one, Ms. Lulu Dong is featured. She makes us look really awesome. The writing ain't half bad either.
  • It is important that if you feel the writer rumblings, an appreciation for literature (if you were a word sculpture, you'd be "in the round") and, or, a need to connect to other people who love to drink wine and spill it on books: that you stop by Thomas Hunter Room 212. The people in this room want you there. We are cool. So cool that we need staff to replace our getting gutted last semester. We are so cool we take off our shoes in front of one another and nap with neglected assignments on our chests. We are so cool we tape ourselves playing Jenga. So cool that all of us have cool hair.
  • Come borrow books. Starting this semester there will be other literary reviews to puruse.
  • Our office is awesome now that it has a red couch.

Staff of Fall 2009:

Managing Editor:
Reuben Santos
reach him and the whole team:

Victoria (Tory) Sharoyan

Senior Poetry:
Rebecca Kish
reach me:

Senior Fiction:

David Sanchez

Senior Art:
Megan Marino

Publicity and events coordinator:
Jessica Taghap
reach her:
jtaghap@hunter dot cuny dot edu

Nora Milman

Assistant to my sanity and partner in crime: Shakti Castro (spoken word and all sorts of let-me-tell-yous)

Join the olivetree review:
  • Come to the office. TH212
  • Fill out a contact sheet w/ available times (for final meeting)
  • Review and read submitted work carefully and with an open mind. Write comments on comment sheets. Choose from or do all of: Non-fiction, fiction, poetry/prose)
  • Come to the final meeting.
Extra Perks:
  • Being an intrical part of our open mics.
  • Having somewhere to sit besides an infested purple couch.
  • Almost always an open door.
  • Workshops.
  • New friends and connections.
Managing Editor Reuben Santos intitiated this concept last semester and it needs a little oomph, but seems to be one of the better get-off-your-ass ideas. Stay tuned for dates.

Join our facebook group.

Blogger R, Signing off.