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Writing Contest for Fall 2009!

The Olivetree Review is now accepting submissions for our first contest of Fall 2009.
This contest is for poetry and fiction/non-fiction.
Our theme for the contest is:
Inspiration drawn from the Hunter College Bridges.
1: Write a poem. 1 page limit (12 pt font)
Any questions can be directed to the Senior Poetry editor- Rebecca at

2: Write a Fiction or Non-Fiction piece. 600-1000 word limit. (12 pt font)
Any questions can be directed to the Senior Fiction Non Fiction editor- David at

Winner will be featured in our Fall 2009 issue.


Look for the flyers around school, or if you have any general questions feel free to stop by the office at TH 212. Pick up your submission contracts outside the office. If we have run out- please feel free to come in or knock.

Part II. of this contest will be art themes. Details to arrive soon. We'll keep you notified of any changes through this blog, our FB fanpage, and, o…

Fiction Obstacle Writing

Thanks to everyone who came to the Fiction/Non-Fiction open house. As promised, here are the fiction obstacles & prompts. Try to use all of them. Think of them as weight-lifting for your writing muscle. They're meant to challenge you, but also to free you up & stretch yourself. You can use the phrases directly in your story or it might trigger some other idea; use the technical aspects as is. Without further ado...
1) The black gap in a shiny wall.
2) Voice/tone: playful
3) Genre: Horror
4) 600 word limit
5) Two cigarettes

I'm hoping that we can circulate these stories to and through each other for comments, praises, criticisms, & suggestions. If you want to participate in that, send your story to by Sunday 10/25, and I'll circulate it to the different editors and people who were at the open house.
Be creative and challenge yourselves! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with. I'll be back on Monday with more of these. H…

Fiction/Non-Fiction Open House

Hey Guys!

The open-houses/workshop/open-mics have been awesome! So many talented people have come and shared their opinions and voices. We've had poets, writers, singers, photographers, graphic designers... as well as people who just love to be part of the creative process.

Senior Fiction/Non-Fiction editor David Sanchez hosts his Open House.
5:30 p.m. Thomas Hunter 212.

Bring material!

email him at olivetreeprose [at]

Fall 2009!

The deadline for fiction, non-fiction, art and poetry is December 1st.

Submission contracts are available outside of the office (Thomas Hunter 212). Please read them carefully, as subtle changes have been made.

We look forward to reading and viewing your work!

Potential Editors:

Reminders: Art Open House is Friday, October 9th. 5:00 p.m.
Fiction and Non-Fiction is Friday, October 16th. 5:30 p.m.

Please come ready to evaluate and contribute.
Art: Bring in a piece of work you would like to discuss (by yourself or any artist of your choice).
Fiction: Bring in a short piece of writing and come prepared to read and discuss it.

Senior staff will provide topics for both open houses, but it is always nice to have variety of work to pull from.

These open houses are meant for any member of the Hunter College student body who wishes to contribute to The Olivetree Review as either an editor or a contributor. We welcome anyone who shares these interests and wants to become part of a literary and ar…

Method of Writing

(I believe I'm doing this right. This would be my first post on a "blog". There goes my innocence!)

Is this thing on? Ha. just kidding. I would like to post a few general question for conversation from time to time.

What is your personal method(s) of writing and/or producing art?

Well, from my many experiences to try materialize "something" range from normal to desperate. Of course, we have writing a draft then re-writing it and then write it again and blah, blah, blah. This is the foundation to any writing, no doubt. But for me I need to operate through many outlets I'll list a few:

1) Writing as regurgitation-
Sounds delightful doesn't it? But I find this most relieving in all cases of writers block. It's writing and not stopping, but the catch is that when you have spent more than a half an hour thinking of that first line, first word, first image, or first emotion and you become so pissed that you give up and say "Fuck it all". This …

Olivetree Review's ART open house

The Olivetree Review's Art Open House
October 9, 2009
Thomas Hunter Room 212

The Olivetree Review is gearing up for the semester. As you know (or you should), we do indeed have an art section. We're always looking for new submissions and editors. Please stop by on Friday, October 9, 2009 to meet with our senior art editor, Megan Marino. She'll give you an idea of what we're looking for in submissions and in critiquing. Please feel free to bring along some art to share as these events also serve as informal "open mics". Many mediums welcomed, including digital art and photography.

So, stop by! Bring your friends! Bring your art! Bring funny anecdotes to amuse us with!

Also, please keep an eye out for our upcoming Fiction open house/workshop next week. We'll remind you here, of course!