Oct 19, 2009

Fiction Obstacle Writing

Thanks to everyone who came to the Fiction/Non-Fiction open house. As promised, here are the fiction obstacles & prompts. Try to use all of them. Think of them as weight-lifting for your writing muscle. They're meant to challenge you, but also to free you up & stretch yourself. You can use the phrases directly in your story or it might trigger some other idea; use the technical aspects as is. Without further ado...

1) The black gap in a shiny wall.

2) Voice/tone: playful

3) Genre: Horror

4) 600 word limit

5) Two cigarettes

I'm hoping that we can circulate these stories to and through each other for comments, praises, criticisms, & suggestions. If you want to participate in that, send your story to olivetreeprose@gmail.com by Sunday 10/25, and I'll circulate it to the different editors and people who were at the open house.

Be creative and challenge yourselves! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with. I'll be back on Monday with more of these. Happy hunting.

- David