Method of Writing

(I believe I'm doing this right. This would be my first post on a "blog". There goes my innocence!)

Is this thing on? Ha. just kidding. I would like to post a few general question for conversation from time to time.

What is your personal method(s) of writing and/or producing art?

Well, from my many experiences to try materialize "something" range from normal to desperate. Of course, we have writing a draft then re-writing it and then write it again and blah, blah, blah. This is the foundation to any writing, no doubt. But for me I need to operate through many outlets I'll list a few:

1) Writing as regurgitation-
Sounds delightful doesn't it? But I find this most relieving in all cases of writers block. It's writing and not stopping, but the catch is that when you have spent more than a half an hour thinking of that first line, first word, first image, or first emotion and you become so pissed that you give up and say "Fuck it all". This state is actually beneficial because your standards have just been hijacked and your ready for violence (or i am at least, hehe). Now, think again about the topic and just write ANYTHING about it using your fury. I mean anything. Even if it's about homeless evangelist and you write cabbage somewhere there. More likely at another time you can make something out of it. When you get stuck write down the profanity as many times you think it until the ball rolls again. I find this helpful because often you will find a theme, emotion, symbol that can allow you to go back and finish the job. But overall the important part is to get pissed. I mean it. Get pissed people.

2) Station writing-
I like to write almost anywhere but at the same time i'm very specific- does that make senes? Anyway, I work in my basement where i have room to roam. Most times I can write by hand but I can fall out of it fast. To cure this, I set up my type writing, lap top, paper, newspaper with shapie and I begin to write. The trick is when I stop writing on the lap top I switch modes and go to my type writer or paper, etc. Every outlet has it's different sensations, which will bring out different approachs to the writing. The type writer feels more concrete whereas the newspaper and sharpie allows you to write big and freely, plus it looks cool too. Try it and perhaps you'll be surprise what a difference a station can feel like. I'm usually running back and forth hammering away to charlie parker blasting, but that's me.

3) Dry Erase writing
I should also include this in #2 but it could stand on it's own. A dry erase board it awesome for writing because when you have it in front of you, you can swipe away one word, a sentance, all the prepositions, whatever.The most important part is that the structure can be moved around easily, which in some cases is the only problem in a struggling piece.

4) Replay writing
On my computer I have a voice recorder. I think it's better no to write sometimes but rather have a beatnik session of improv poetry. Doesn't have to be poetry but just thought of WHAT you want to write about. However, with the autonomous spoken poetry I find it helpful to rewind and hear myself. Not only will it give you some insight of what you sound like and your thought process but listening generates a different perspective in the creative process.

5) Wall paper or Floor writing-
I'm an impulsive writer and love to be outside the box. Out of fustration i've taped paper, newspaper, canvas, oaktag, anything big and begin to write. Put the paper on the floor and stand above with a marker or anything easy to write with and go crazy. The same goes with taping it to the wall, which i find more fun. Although when i do it i tape out an obnoxious length of paper or newspaper (the Hunter envoy,jk) and i write feverishly. allowing your whole body to go with the flow of writing is alot different than just your hands. Plus, it looks awesome to have writing on one wall continuing to another from top to bottom. It's also funny when someone comes in and stands confused and hesitant to ask what exatly you are doing. Happens all the time to me.

Overall, I would like to suggest that everyone try something different on the approach of writing. If you have a set method thats awesome and you should share it. But that doesn't mean you can't try something else. Don't ever expect to get a masterpiece out of something you try the first time. The idea is to open youself up and get a feeling of your responces in different methods. After all we all strive for pure meat in a work, when all we can produce is fat. Through different approachs will help you cut it all out and flex those literary glutes.

p.s- as much as i would like to think Vice writing is another outlet, everyone figures out that getting high and.or drunk and writing is not progressive. Some cases yes it can be, but in a discussion i had with Rebecca Kish, we agreed that it either amounts to passing out before you get the pen to the paper, writing something philosophically great and finding out later that a poem about hands is no where near, or you just can't read what you wrote. Either way, it's deffinately a way to write just not a very successful one. Kudos to those who can.

ok i'm done. peace out olives.