ba dum dum.

Hello my dears. Fall 2009 has concluded! Our senior staff is maintaining the same positions next semester for the most part. We're also cooking up interesting contests and doing writing circle stuff on Googlewave (we had to find a purpose for

We had a great fieldtrip to the Morgan Library to go seem some of Blake's work. I particularly like his Book of Job series. We gathered and enjoyed the sights and ate some food. Hopefully there will be more chances to go places as a group next semester.
(Special love goes to Angela- who is leaving us to brave upstate New York. We wish her well! Ben also was around for only one semester- best of everything to him too!)

Our open-mic was almost extremely tragic... but it turned out to be a great success. Tons of people read (and sang! and rapped!)

We look forward to seeing you in the Spring. Special thanks to the new editors who made our staff more interesting and gave insight into our submissions.

See you soon!
The Olivetree Review