Salutations Hunter Undgrad Literary Folk:

Open House For Poetry/Fic/Non-Fic/Art will be held together, but in two parts for those who might have sched. conflicts.

FIRST OPEN HOUSE: FEBRUARY 5th. @ 5pm - 6pm+
SECOND OPEN HOUSE: FEBRUARY 19th. @ 5pm - 6pm+

We are holding open houses early so we can start taking submissions earlier.

Deadline for Spring 2010 is April 9th. Workshops will be held periodically and most likely on Fridays. All of that will be discussed at the open houses, posted on this blog and updated on our Facebook Fan Page.

Our Staff For Spring 2010 is as follows:

Managing Editor: Reuben Santos
Treasurer: Victoria Sharoyan
Vice President: Nora Milman
Senior Fiction/Non-Fiction Editor & Secretary: Shakti Castro
Senior Art Editor: Megan Marino
Senior Poetry Editor: Rebecca Kish
Production: Nora
Publicity: Jessica Taghap

Our hours will be posted on the door of Thomas Hunter 212. Please Knock if the door is closed. Hunter College has taken new security measures. Our door automatically locks behind us. We will try to keep it open, but the asbestos construction a few doors down can get noisy.

Our Open Mic for this Semester will be announced shortly. We will also be printing in about a month to catch up with some snags we had in finalizing our issues.

Remember that The Olivetree Review is entirely student run on a volunteer basis. We need input from students and participation from interested parties in order to make this publication efficient. If you are interested in becoming an editor- you must meet with a Senior Editor briefly.

Hope you have a wonderful Spring semester.
Field trips/announcements/open-mics/etc. to come.

-Rebecca K.