Spring 2010: Bio Edition Part I: Workshop Part: II

the olivetree review.
hunter's hardworking completely student run literary nutso factory. we want more cogs and Mr. Spacely shipped but they never arrived.

let's see here:
  1. friday the 19th we've got a lovely line-up of orators and mingle-doers slated for a 5pm. be there. bring friends. bring nips, noshes and nasty photos of your ex. (happy v-day).

meet the staff:

  • art editor Megan: enjoys soup, watching mars attacks with rebecca, looking cuddly, getting shit done, flyering and her cute dogs that love when it snows because Meg will be home to cuddle with them. can see merit in art pieces in a way that blow your chonies off.

  • treasurer Victoria: has a folder for everything, affinity for odd stockings, a perfect GPA, master of literary nerd puns, can copy edit the Odyssey, likes scones, food that needs to be microwaved. known for drastic haircuts and an eclectic wardrobe variety that livens up the room.

  • managing editor Reuben: is always revising his work, looks great in hats, direct descendant of Walt Whitman, loves poetry and fiction. reuben is a partner in crime (re: "bottles" spring 2009) and has actual work stations set up in his room for his creative process. night owl. don't ring this bloke before two p.m. thee man with thee workshop plan.
Next edition explores: Shakti, Jess and Nora. As the semester progresses- bios of editors will appear like magic. People w/o senior positions are not exempt. I am exempt because I update this blog.



Things are starting to move!

Two issues to come out at the end of Feb (ballpark - we're copy editing- doing layout, etc.)

Submissions are now open. Pick up a submission contract outside of the Olivetree Office. Thomas Hunter 212. You MUST submit hardcopy. No email submissions.

Interested in being an editor? See Managing Editor Reuben or a Senior Editor.
Hours are posted on our office door.

I'll be blogging here this semester as per the usual. Keep checking back for events, typos, and my over the river through the woods type entries.

Love the shit out of you literary folk. Keep the Hunter Literary Community strong!

Rebecca K.