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Writing Prompts/ Spring Business

Several of us here at the OTR have taken it upon ourselves to scrap the formal workshop idea which never got off the ground. We've been arranging times for people to get together and work on informal experiments:

Writing Prompts.

Sometimes we do freewrite... sometimes we chose a word out of Merriam-Webster. The results can be spoken aloud or kept to oneself as inspiration for new work.

I've often found that in the medium of poetic creation - word association and free-flowing ideas can soon become concrete jumping off points for surprisingly expressive formulation. Freewrite and prompts help loosen words the way the live bacteria in yogurt makes one more "regular." Yep...

Past Writing Sessions:

Friday March 5, 2010: 3:30-5pm.
Monday March 8, 2010: "sametimish"

Future Writing Sessions:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday during my office hours. Monday nights possibly. Friday evenings possibly.

Writing sessions will be announced a few days in advance. Follow our fan page on Face…

Spring 2010: Submissions Open!

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Deadline April 9th.
Submission Contracts available outside of office 212 in the Thomas Hunter building.