Writing Prompts/ Spring Business

Several of us here at the OTR have taken it upon ourselves to scrap the formal workshop idea which never got off the ground. We've been arranging times for people to get together and work on informal experiments:

Writing Prompts.

Sometimes we do freewrite... sometimes we chose a word out of Merriam-Webster. The results can be spoken aloud or kept to oneself as inspiration for new work.

I've often found that in the medium of poetic creation - word association and free-flowing ideas can soon become concrete jumping off points for surprisingly expressive formulation. Freewrite and prompts help loosen words the way the live bacteria in yogurt makes one more "regular." Yep...

Past Writing Sessions:

Friday March 5, 2010: 3:30-5pm.
Monday March 8, 2010: "sametimish"

Future Writing Sessions:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday during my office hours. Monday nights possibly. Friday evenings possibly.

Writing sessions will be announced a few days in advance. Follow our fan page on Facebook or our twitter.

A few things: we are a supportive and collective group of writers, artists, and people who appreciate the written word. We will never judge your work, especially free-write. It is hard to gain a voice and this is one way to make the jump. Our door is open. Our literary magazines in our office shelf are available to everyone. Many of our officers are now upper juniors/seniors. We've taken a lot of classes and have textbooks, professor advice, etc. Navigating the shitty bureaucracy of Hunter College the City University of New York is no easy feat.

I'd like to take this time to make a few more thankful remarks to some of my co-workers:

I'd like to thank Jess for being around more. Her loyalty to the Olivetree Review is certainly something incredible. Gentle and non-judgmental, her presence is a leafy relief in such an occasionally chaotic whirlwind of yammering mind cramping.

I'd like to thank Nora for her kindness. I feel like dedicating a song. Next open-mic, I swearit. I'd also like Nora to be my prom date. Nora?

Last but not least-
Thank you and Happy Birthday to Shakti, Senior Fiction Editor. A woman not afraid to share her writing and read the most personal things aloud. Her dedication to literature (she makes book references and I blank stare) and the process of keeping writing and production of the written word a NECESSITY at the Olivetree Review is phenomenal. If I had to chose one motivated person with a diversified portfolio of experiences, anecdotes and hutzpuh, Shakti it would be. Check her blog for examples of her responses to writing prompts.
apologies go to Victoria for the egg salad sandwich left in her drawer. she is my personal valedictorian.

If you have any questions about joining the OTR, becoming an editor, submitting, or meeting for freewrites please email olivetreereview [at] gmail.com

All publishing questions and production issues should be directed at Reuben our Managing Editor. Email him at the same address with his name in the subject. Other staff at the OTR is no longer fielding questions on aspects of production in which we are not, and have never been- a part of- or responsible for.

Rebecca K, (S.P.E. of OTR).

(pic of S.K. used without permission of the Author because I'm sure he wouldn't mind.)