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Advocacy for Hunter College English Undergraduates

Submissions are closed for the Spring Semester of 2010. Thank you for submitting your pieces. They have been logged and are currently being reviewed by our editors.

The Olivetree Review's production staff is currently undertaking a major endeavor. Fruits of these labors should be available ASAP.

Would you like to attend a Chapbook Seminar...for free?
May 3rd & 4th

I know Jennifer Raab does not read this blog because she is reeeeeally busy doing other stuff. REALLY BUSY SIGNING HER NAME- so I figured I'd fill you in. This has been bugging me. Last week several of my OTR companions and I went to go see Seamus Heaney get his honorary degree and read some of his fantastic poetry to a packed auditorium. Wonderful. He was as sweet and modest as could be- a Nobel Prize winner with a heart, etc. He handled a nutty Q&A with grace and was humorous to boot.
Who provi…

It's not too late!

Hey, y'all. If you haven't heard, the deadline's been extended to this Friday, April 23rd. Word.


Spring 2010: Open Mic/ Editing Commences!

This month is National Poetry month. Head over to and sign up for a free poem to be emailed to you daily. Better late then never…

Our Open Mic is this Wednesday, April 14th.The theme is banned books- but we're also introducing a bookshop to the mix. Please bring your loved, used, no longer needed/wanted books to our event. Come and pick up a few for yourself. There is a possibility there will be back issues of some rad lit mags/ photo mags.
Our event, as per usual, will provide the concerned attendees with free libations. Come drink some wine and eat some little nosh-plates we'll have set up.
This event is in the Thomas Hunter Building, Room 105.

Concerning reading at the open mic:This time around many of the staff have chosen to read provocative pieces we've been working on throughout the semester. We encourage you to do the same- as well as reading passages from favorite authors, reading your own poetry/ performance art. Bring your talent to the stage and feel comf…

Photography Exhibit!

The Olivetree Review's good friend, Jon Michael Anzalone, is exhibiting at two shows this month. We thought we'd fill our art-minded audience in on them!

First up, Bushwick Local

Exhibition: Bushwick Local
Opening reception: Friday, April 9, 6:00 pm–12:00 am
Place: 369 Harman Street, Brookly, New York

Opening reception featuring dance by Backspace Performance Ensemble; DJ Lois Lame; refreshments from Brooklyn Brewery and chef Masato Okamoto; and beginning at 9:30 pm, live music curated by el diabl' Productions.

Bushwick Local is an exhibition that pays tribute to the local artist. It samples from the following eight, who are tuned to immediate change, broad cultural trends, and transcendent human desires:

Jon Michael Anzalone
Allan Bailey
Daniel Derwelis
Chris Georgalas
Reiko Hamano
Andrew Hunt
Christopher Sachs
Gustabo Velazquez

Directions: L or M subway from Manhattan. L to DeKalb; exit at the front of the train; continue east on Wykoff towards Himrod for two blocks; turn right on Harm…

Open Mic and Book Swap Coming Up!

Jacked from the Facebook event page (Feel free to invite yourself. You should be able to find it easily on our fan page or group.):


It's finally time for The Olivetree Review's semi-annual open mic! Come read your poetry, sing your songs, rap your raps, and perform your heart out. (We're mostly about poetry here, but we welcome any kind of performance.) TH105 provides the stage, we supply the liquid courage to get you up on it. (And food too, of course.) Sign up to perform either at the open mic or in advance by e-mail, at our office TH212, or whenever you see us tabling in the hallway.

The theme this semester is BOOK-BURNING & CENSORSHIP, so feel free (but not obligated) to be inspired by that idea in the work you choose to present. And as always, costumes are welcome and encouraged. (Think dark, masquerade, your favorite character from a banned book, or any way that YOU interpret censorship.)

We feel legally obligated to state that …