Open Mic and Book Swap Coming Up!

Jacked from the Facebook event page (Feel free to invite yourself. You should be able to find it easily on our fan page or group.):


It's finally time for The Olivetree Review's semi-annual open mic! Come read your poetry, sing your songs, rap your raps, and perform your heart out. (We're mostly about poetry here, but we welcome any kind of performance.) TH105 provides the stage, we supply the liquid courage to get you up on it. (And food too, of course.) Sign up to perform either at the open mic or in advance by e-mail, at our office TH212, or whenever you see us tabling in the hallway.

The theme this semester is BOOK-BURNING & CENSORSHIP, so feel free (but not obligated) to be inspired by that idea in the work you choose to present. And as always, costumes are welcome and encouraged. (Think dark, masquerade, your favorite character from a banned book, or any way that YOU interpret censorship.)

We feel legally obligated to state that there will be no literal burning of books at this event, nor does the Olivetree in any way intend to SUPPORT censorship. On the contrary, we want this to be an OPEN open mic: open to your words, thoughts, and ideas.

We will, however, have a very realistic (*snort*) "pyre" where we'll be collecting books. So please, BRING BOOKS YOU DON'T WANT ANYMORE and throw them into the "fire." Someone else will take them and whatever's left unclaimed at the end of the night will be donated to charity. (Feel free to bring those books by our office, TH212, anytime before the event if you don't want to lug them around all day.)

Date: Wednesday, April 14th
Time: 7:30-10pm (come and go at whatever time works for you)
Place: Hunter College, Thomas Hunter Building, Room 105
What to Bring (all recommended but not required):
  • yourself and like-minded friends (you don't have to be a Hunter student to attend)
  • a piece or two to read/perform
  • a costume if you so desire
  • book(s) to burn (ie. donate)
  • an appetite for food and drink (alcoholic and non- shall be provided)

Also, a reminder that our submission deadline is this coming Friday, April 9th so get your creative writing and art to us ASAP! (Hunter undergrads only, plz k thx sry)