Spring 2010: Open Mic/ Editing Commences!

This month is National Poetry month. Head over to poets.org and sign up for a free poem to be emailed to you daily. Better late then never…

  • Our Open Mic is this Wednesday, April 14th.
The theme is banned books- but we're also introducing a bookshop to the mix. Please bring your loved, used, no longer needed/wanted books to our event. Come and pick up a few for yourself. There is a possibility there will be back issues of some rad lit mags/ photo mags.
Our event, as per usual, will provide the concerned attendees with free libations. Come drink some wine and eat some little nosh-plates we'll have set up.
This event is in the Thomas Hunter Building, Room 105.

  • Concerning reading at the open mic:
This time around many of the staff have chosen to read provocative pieces we've been working on throughout the semester. We encourage you to do the same- as well as reading passages from favorite authors, reading your own poetry/ performance art. Bring your talent to the stage and feel comforted by the fact that you'll be in a friendly atmosphere which promotes acceptance and embraces the knock-kneed, nervous, 1st timers, and total hams. There are no limitations/ censorship.

  • On another note:
Our submission deadline has PASSED. We received a great many submissions and thank you for your contributions. The editors are currently commenting and sorting pieces for our final meeting in May. It is not too late to commit to reading pieces and being part of the process. (Due mostly to the bombardment we got on Friday- as opposed to the trickle-in that was expected). If you would like to edit, please stop by the office and talk to a senior editor who can fill you in on the important details and anything else you'd like to know.

Thank you to the Hunter College literary community for your continued support, patience, and persistence.