Attention Bloggers, Artists & Writers!

Hey, it's Jess here!

A friend of mine from 20 Something Bloggers, Kim of Perfectly Cursed Life, has recently started a 'Zine called Drop of Ink, intended as a space for bloggers, artists & writers alike.  Here's a description of Ink's mission by Kim herself:

"The mission of Drop of Ink is to provide bloggers, artists and writers everywhere a space to publish, promote and promulgate. We exist to create a dialogue between bloggers, artists, writers and their audience, within which true change may come.  Drop of Ink is published quarterly online in an easy-to-share format that can be printed or saved for posterity.  Think of Drop of Ink as your home away from home. Whether you blog, journal, draft or write, Drop of Ink is there to put your words out to a larger audience."

So go check it out -- they are currently accepting submissions for the second issue!