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Where are the issues? Where can I buy awesome inexpensive art? What do I do with these bike photos I've taken!?

A big loud caffeinated hello to Hunter College, New York, and any other domain the OTR has proudly conquered! Now that we're a few weeks into summer session, I thought you'd like an update on a few things going on behind the now oft-locked door to TH212.

First and foremost, the question on everyone's minds/mouths/sleeves/viscera: WHEN ARE THE NEW *?%&ING ISSUES COMING OUT? If you've come to our door with that question, you've probably heard something like "soon," "next month," "next semester," "never," or "get the f&%* outta here." (That last one became an inside joke reserved for our own staff and we apologize if we accidentally used it on anyone else. Zing. Ba da boom. Cheerio.) The truth? We never lied to you. Whatever we told you, we thought was the case, but apparently, getting anything done at Hunter College, let alone printing a magazine the length of ours, is kind of a bitch. So, for several reasons, …