Where are the issues? Where can I buy awesome inexpensive art? What do I do with these bike photos I've taken!?

A big loud caffeinated hello to Hunter College, New York, and any other domain the OTR has proudly conquered! Now that we're a few weeks into summer session, I thought you'd like an update on a few things going on behind the now oft-locked door to TH212.

First and foremost, the question on everyone's minds/mouths/sleeves/viscera: WHEN ARE THE NEW *?%&ING ISSUES COMING OUT? If you've come to our door with that question, you've probably heard something like "soon," "next month," "next semester," "never," or "get the f&%* outta here." (That last one became an inside joke reserved for our own staff and we apologize if we accidentally used it on anyone else. Zing. Ba da boom. Cheerio.) The truth? We never lied to you. Whatever we told you, we thought was the case, but apparently, getting anything done at Hunter College, let alone printing a magazine the length of ours, is kind of a bitch. So, for several reasons, we have wound up rather behind. (Don't scoff; it's unattractive.)

Bottom line, the facts are these: Both delayed issues (Spring and Fall '09) and the newest issue (Spring '10) have been compiled, edited, and laid out. Alas, every procedure at Hunter requires about 3 weeks and 7 offices more than it needs to, so there's an inexplicable delay in the communication between the school and the company that will physically make the magazines for us. (Read: completely out of our hands for now here at the OTR.) Our hope is that all problems will be sorted out soon and you will see 3 shiny new issues when you return to us in the fall. If you return to us in the fall. If not (and we sincerely apologize to graduates who have been waiting to see their work in print), feel absolutely free to email us your address and we will happily send you a copy of the new issues when they arrive. Please don't lose faith in us.

Happy summer!
-Victoria Sharoyan
Madame Managing Editor
Fall 2010-Spring 2011

PS. Keep reading for info on local art news that might interest you!


When was the last time you heard "cheap" and "Metrocard" in the same sentence? I can't remember either. But now you can buy these sweet prayer cards, truly unique bits of affordable art with a nod to our wacky city, handcrafted by local artist Whitney Gardner. They're available for as little as $3.99 and can be purchased individually or in packs @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/heywhitney.

"Have you ever had a struggle with the MTA? Waiting and waiting for your train to show up, only to have it arrive so congested you can't make it through those sliding doors? Was your train running on a different line, and you wouldn't know because all the announcements were posted in Chinese and you only know Korean? Well now you can own a token of luck, a prayer Metrocard. Need the A to run express? Take out The A train card and beg to the big blue God for a speedy ride home. Each prayer card is hand made original artwork on the back of an actual used NYC Metrocard. When you buy a prayer card, you leave your fate in the hands of the Gods and receive a subway line at random. If you order more than one card at a time I'll make sure you don't end up with 2 of the same. Each card is listed at $3.99 that includes the cost of shipping! Original art for under $5.00! A better deal than the MTA could give you!"


This last one's urgent! Photographers, you have until tomorrow to dig up or take your best bicycle photos. Deadline's tomorrow to submit them to Hoopla Hoop, a great new online magazine that's celebrating bicycles this June:

"Hoopla Hoop is a new online magazine about life in New York City. Every month, our new issue will feature a curated photo gallery. We are soliciting entries for our first submission-based selection for the June issue. The theme of the June issue is Bicycles. We hope you are inspired by the beautiful weather to get on your bikes and ride and celebrate one of the iconic images of new urbanism. We want to publish the most beautiful and striking work we receive, and we love film photography! Specifications: By submitting to Hoopla Hoop, you are granting us one-time online publishing rights to use your photograph in the issue for which we are soliciting only. Your images should be 800px on the longest side, and not over 250k. When submitting the images, please consider quality over quantity. If we receive work that we are very fond of, we may contact you in the future to do a spotlight on your art. While HH does intend to feature New York City-related work, you may submit any shots related to the theme no matter where you took it, but please be aware we will most strongly consider photography that relates to both the theme and the goal of the publication." SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO submissions@hooplahoop.com by June 17th, 2010 with the following details:

(Per each photo submitted)

Caption (if desired, 1-2 sentences):
Camera/Format/Film (if desired):


Time for summer lovin,' now go have a blast!