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roster fall 2010.

Hunter College Security: Thank you for denying us access to the room and then allowing contractors to leave the door WIDE OPEN with access to the Envoy as well. ALSO: thanks for leaving a note about this "violation."Thanks for ticking off what equipment could be stolen! Hunterhighers - Since you will be doing asbestos removal until February of 2011, have lost our paperwork for publication, and generally been bureaucraticcuntysluthos, I salute you. I'm sure you guys are doing a phenomenal job getting those turnstyles in so the homeless can't brush their teeth! We are the highest of the CUNY's afterall. Let me straighten my tie and invisible degree (or look over to its tentative holding cell- in between the books I read and issues of the OTR from 2002).

My last G-d damn semester and I have to deal with kids who can't shave asking me about issues I don't deal with on a production end (unless we need COPY, oh lord, copy.)

No, the truth is I love you purple …