The above image is from the agenda sheet that managing editor Victoria made for our first staff meeting. As you can see- we have a pretty organized and aggressively anxious interest in the dates we discuss and our process of reaching out to the hiding creative artists in the Hunter community.
As you can see under our deadline caption in the margin to the right of this post: We have set a deadline for Fall 2010!
Plan on having everything ready to go by Friday, November 19th.
We had our first open house yesterday. Our next one will be on Wednesday, September 22. Like our previous post explained- we'd love if you'd drop by and say hi. Its important to keep the undergrad writing and artistic community together. Despite the odds working against us (room access, all the forms, no paid staff, being a student at Hunter) we have enough resources to be creative and functional (room access situation to improve, great organized people to handle those forms, staff that loves writing and share common interests that keep us together and inspired, being a student at Hunter is a purple bruise we're proud of).
Although its just September we're discussing our open-mic for this semester. Stay tuned and add us to your RSS for those updates (and all updates) or bookmark us. We're also on Facebook and Twitter. Right now the second week in November is looking good.

Also: look out for field trip info.

positive energy to all,