Writing Prompt Megamonth

Happy Halloween from the Olivetree! So, as Jess noted recently, November is National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo, wherein people take on the unbelievable challenge of writing a novel beginning to end in a month flat. If I had the time, I would have loved to give this a go, but alas. Instead, we here at the Olivetree decided we'd try our own smaller-scale writing feat. Ta-da! Prompt Month!

We invite you to join us in doing a free-write a day. If you haven't been around during one of these sessions with us, what we do is we get together and someone throws out a word, phrase, quote, anything for inspiration, we allot a short amount of time, anywhere from 5 minutes to 20, and we write. Uninhibited. Without a plan. We just write. The goal is to get something out without forcing it and based on a single idea. It's always fun to see where each person's mind goes from a common starting concept. Whatever you like, you can edit and polish later. We're also open to group workshopping.

We'll be offering up one writing prompt per day, and anyone is welcome to our office and give it a go with whoever's there. You can of course also do this elsewhere, but we'd love to see what you come up with. Our hope is to discover and/or establish a closer writing community at Hunter. Here's the list of prompts for the first week of November. Write on!

Nov 1. Halloween
Nov 2. lacquer
Nov 3. script
Nov 4. spare bedroom
Nov 5. afterlife
Nov 6. verbatim
Nov 7. embellishment of...

Take these wherever your mind wants them to. You can write a poem or anything else that works for you. Time limit's 10 minutes each unless otherwise specified. Happy Writing!