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Open Mic Wrap-Up, Deadline Extended! & other news

Dear Olives,

November is rapidly flying by, which means a lot for us here at the Treehouse.

1. Our open mic is over! *tear* But fortunately, the event was a great success, featuring close to 30 talented performers from the Hunter student body. Among them were current students, alumni, and very many first-time performers sharing poetry, fiction, rap, speeches, and song. All of these talents were rewarded with hand-made goodie bags featuring candy and toys, in celebration of our childhood theme. In keeping with said theme, TH105 was turned into a veritable kid's birthday party playroom, complete with Pin the Tail on the Donkey, silly string, party hats, and all the junk food you could imagine.

Special thanks go out to:

...everyone who helped table the day before the event!

...a phenomenal audience, super respectful and encouraging!

...our always-beloved master of ceremonies, David Tuchman!

...everyone who performed!

...Senior Poetry Editor Rebecca Kish, who did a great job as our e…

Writing Prompt Megamonth, Part Trois, or: Gather 'round Children, The Event is Nigh

No, not the NBC TV series, silly.The OTR's semi-annual Open Mic Event!  This year, it's Children's Literature-themed, and will be held this Wednesday, November the 17th in Thomas Hunter, room 105.  Come one, come all!
In preparation, we'll be stationed over on the 3rd Floor of Hunter West this Tuesday, tabling from 3:30-5 PM for those who wish to sign up for Open Mic performances.  We will also be giving out candy, in keeping with the theme and all, so if you're good, we'll hand some out to you!
_____ Second order of business: here're this week's prompts, continuing in the spirit of our daily prompt madness this month:

Nov 15. Pluralize everything.
Nov 16. passive
Nov 17. childhood
Nov 18. death of non-living things
Nov 19. favorite word
Nov 20. Twitter (140 characters max; no more than 2 minutes)
Nov 21. record

If you haven't yet done a prompt, it's not too late -- join us!  Also, don't be afraid to share what you've written on our Facebook Page (…

Writing Prompt Megamonth, Part Deux

As noted in the previous post, we here at Olivetree have been taking NaNoWriMo on with one writing prompt a day all month long (kind of like how Jens Lekman has his fans write him emails based on a certain topic, but kind of not).  So far, most of the OTR staff -- and even some who aren't anymore -- have been participating and it's exciting to see all the creativity flowing.  Let's keep it up!

Here're the prompts for the forthcoming week:

Nov. 8th - earliest memory
Nov. 9th - teen angst
Nov. 10th - sense
Nov. 11th - "If I were..."
Nov. 12th - birds
Nov. 13th - broken vase
Nov. 14th - catch

Happy writing!


P.S. Note that our Contest Page is up, featuring our current Flash Fiction Contest!  If you're interested, please check it out and submit!