Open Mic Wrap-Up, Deadline Extended! & other news

Dear Olives,

November is rapidly flying by, which means a lot for us here at the Treehouse.

1. Our open mic is over! *tear* But fortunately, the event was a great success, featuring close to 30 talented performers from the Hunter student body. Among them were current students, alumni, and very many first-time performers sharing poetry, fiction, rap, speeches, and song. All of these talents were rewarded with hand-made goodie bags featuring candy and toys, in celebration of our childhood theme. In keeping with said theme, TH105 was turned into a veritable kid's birthday party playroom, complete with Pin the Tail on the Donkey, silly string, party hats, and all the junk food you could imagine.

Special thanks go out to:

...everyone who helped table the day before the event!

...a phenomenal audience, super respectful and encouraging!

...our always-beloved master of ceremonies, David Tuchman!

...everyone who performed!

...Senior Poetry Editor Rebecca Kish, who did a great job as our event photographer!

...the entire staff of the Olivetree that helped put this event together (pictured here and otherwise)!

Now that yet another one of our open mics is over and done with, we can start thinking about the next one! In recent years, our open mic events have included Halloween: Dead Writers Rising, The Great Gatsby & the American Dream, Paradise Lost: Heaven & Hell, and Censorship: A Book Burning. Let us know if you have any ideas for themes you'd like to see us try next semester!

2. Moving on, another extremely important announcement from the Olivetree. OUR DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED. We appreciate the huge flood of submissions that came in yesterday on deadline day, but as always, we want to see even more. Keep bringing us your best writing and art. Reminder: contracts need to be attached to your work. They're outside the office and on the right toolbar available to be downloaded and printed. The new deadline is NOVEMBER 29th, the Monday after Thanksgiving Break. Not only does this mean that you have more time to submit, it means that all EDITORS should be coming in to read/examine the submissions and fill out their comment sheets in preparation for the final editorial meetings. Check your emails soon for news about when those will be held.

3. And finally, prompt month is not over! Here's a final batch of prompts for the rest of the month. Two to choose from every day!

Nov 22. least favorite word(s)/conduct
Nov 23. light/envelope
Nov 24. a super detailed description of a person/portrait
Nov 25. a super detailed description of a thing/favorite teacher
Nov 26. a super detailed description of a place/transient
Nov 27. worst transit experience/best transit experience
Nov 28. "Hello"/first kiss
Nov 29. tag/syntax
Nov 30. conclusion/favorite letter

Have fun riding out the end of this writing project with us. And enjoy your holiday breaks, people. More news to come from the Olivetree Review after we wake up from our turkey comas.

'Til then,