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Happy 2011!

Happy New Year to all our readers!

Here at The Olivetree Review, we're working hard at our new year's resolution of actually printing on time. That means if everything continues to go according to plan, Issue 48 will be on our doorstep by the time classes are back in session at the end of January. Can you feel the excitement? The energy? ...The angst that something will go wrong again? I can. But then, positive energy is the way to go. And we like us some positive energy in TH212.

For serious, this has shaped up to be a fantastic issue, featuring solid poetry, one stellar short story, loads of art, and the winning piece from our flash fiction contest, "The Grandfather's Funeral" by Nolan Bohorquez! Congratulations to Nolan and to everyone else whose work made it in this semester. If not, please please please consider revising and resubmitting. It seemed this semester more than ever that our issue could have doubled in size if so many pieces hadn't seemed to be …