Open Houses, Prompts, Updates, and Contest News!

So our open house this past Wednesday was a success. If you weren't able to make it, don't worry! It's not too late to join the Olivetree! In fact, we'll be hosting informal mini-open houses every Wednesday in March and the first week or two of April for those who want to join mid-semester. Stop by any time from 4 to 6 to get information about becoming an editor or submitting material.

We also had a very successful inaugural prompt Thursday. If you haven't heard, the OTR is now hosting weekly free-writes Thursdays from 1-2 in TH212. I'm proud to share my response to our first set of prompts: astronaut, asymmetry, asylum:



Astronauts find asylum in outer space

while asylums are filled with asymmetry,

Asymmetrical minds, elderly men with

brains of boys who think they are astronauts.

Bouncing off padded walls--gravity fails them.

Their minds dwell in zero gravity. They wax

asymmetric in their maddeningly symmetric

hospital gowns. They find no asylum in their

confined space/their stifled astronomy.

They will implode into an asymmetric uneven

mas/collapse in on themselves, each thought as

futile and fleeting as a falling star/delving deep

into darkness/breaking atmospheric borders,

then waking again in blinding white manufactured

symmetry. Every day is just their dream.


Feel free to do this prompt (any or all) and share your work with us! If you have your own ideas for prompts, leave a comment and/or come to our next free-writing session!

Lastly, start working on submissions for our upcoming art contest! The theme is Culinary Arts! Deadline is April 1st. Much more information and flyers will be posted shortly!

'Til next time,


PS. If you're tired of the manic-depressive weather in New York, why not try studying abroad!

I've heard especially promising things about the on-site linguistics and literacy course in Uganda, so definitely look into that!


For the many students who have been emailing us asking about how to become an editor or submit material to the Olivetree Review, we will be holding an open house today (Wednesday) at 4pm in our office, Room Thomas Hunter 212. All your questions will be answered and you can get to know our staff. Feel free to bring some of your writing or art to share!

The Olivetree is also officially beginning weekly free-writes on Thursdays from about 1 to 2pm. Anyone is welcome to come and join us. More information about these sessions will be given at the open house!


Welcome Back, Olives!

Hey, Olives...

As we all get settled and in gear for the start of the Spring semester, a few announcements.  Firstly, due to Hunter College and The-Powers-That-Be, The Olivetree Review's  Fall 2010 issue will be released next month.  In the meantime, we'll be having a few Open Houses within the coming weeks -- dates and times forthcoming, so stay tuned!

Onto other items of interest, poetry editor Jade recently informed us of an event called Amp Up Youth Summit!, described as "a day of workshops, presentations, and skills training from experts and leaders in sustainability and environmental justice.  A chance to connect, collaborate, and create a powerful movement."  There will be a panel of speakers from successful campaigns on hydrofracking, water privatization, and environmental justice, including Christine Quinn.

Amp Up Youth Summit!
A Project of Earth Day New York
Hunter College
West Building, 3rd Floor

For more info: 
Contact Adam at
Or you can register here:

Stick around for more updates at the semester goes on.  Hope your first week of classes went well -- here's to Spring 2011!

-Jess & the OTR staff