Important Announcements

The time has finally come! The latest issue of The Olivetree Review reached our doorstep this week and it's ready for you to pick up and give out to everyone you know.

Remember that our submission deadline is this Friday April 1st. This week is also your last chance to join us as an editor. Contact us by Friday if you're still interested.

Note: The office will be closed most of this week for window renovations (which we didn't ask for). We'll most likely reopen by Thursday but in the meantime, you can email us all your questions ( and come to our door at TH 212 to drop off submissions or pick up a copy of the new issue. You can also contact us to arrange appointments in the Media Board office, TH 218.

Give those submissions one last polish and get them to us by Friday afternoon!
Goodnight! Good morning? Good 4:43am.