Hi all,

Yesterday's art editorial meeting went great! We selected 15 exceptional pieces to be featured in our Spring '11 issue, so art submitters, check your email for results within the next week or two. If you've been accepted, we'll be requesting a short artist's statement for our contributor bios section. We've also selected a winner for our Culinary Arts contest and will announce the results soon!

All poetry editors, remember that the meeting is TODAY AT 4pm, not 6pm as originally planned. Please contact Crystal at olivetreereviewpoetry@gmail.com if you cannot come.

See you then!



All art editors must attend today's final editorial meeting at 5pm. Megan will be providing snacks, but the bigger incentive, of course, is to receive editing credit in the next issue. If you haven't finished reviewing the pieces yet, the door should be open all day long so come finish up!

We start at 5 and will be done within the hour. Please email Megan at olivetreeart@gmail.com if you cannot make it.

See you this evening!


Event: Julia De Burgos-inspired Open Mic.


Shakti just informed me of an exciting event being hosted by local teaching artist Vanessa Martir, also known as La Loba.  The event, an homage to poet Julia De Burgos, will be an open mic at Lolita Bar in downtown NYC.  All poets are encouraged to come and share some of their work, inspired by De Burgos' own.  

Some more details here.


On this night we howl at the moon in reverence to the prolific poet Julia De Burgos (1914-1953). 
Julia de Burgos was one of the foremost poets to come out of Puerto Rico in the first half of the twentieth century. Her poverty-stricken background and African heritage were factors in the evolution of the revolutionary politics de Burgos espoused as part of the independence movement in Puerto Rico. She also attracted attention for her unconventional lifestyle: she divorced her first husband and lived openly with her lover at a time when such behavior was virtually unthinkable for most Puerto Rican women.

On April 29th, we honor De Burgos for her fierceness. Poets are asked to read a poem inspired by her life and/or work. 

Let's see what you come up with, familia.
To sign up for the mic, contact Vanessa Martir

Friday, April 29th
6:30pm - 9:30pm

266 Broome Street
New York, NY

Northeast corner of Broome and Allen Streets
F, J, M & Z to Essex St-Delancey St
B, D to Grand Street

EDIT: Vanessa Martir is also hosting a writing workshop at Hunter!  For more info, here are some links pertaining to the event:

Final Editing

A word to all editors!

In case you've forgotten, please note these dates for the final editorial meetings. (*Note that the poetry meeting has been moved from 6 to 4pm.) Remember that you MUST attend the meeting for your section in order to be credited as an editor. This means you have to review every submission for your section before that time. The office is open today from 12 to 7 for those who need to catch up on their editing. We will also be open regularly after Spring Break is over and we'll post on Facebook/Twitter if we're open at any other times before then. If you've done all your editing, but can't make it to your meeting, contact your senior editor right away at the emails below so you can work something out.
ART 4/28 5pm (olivetreeart@gmail.com)
POETRY 4/29 4pm* (olivetreereviewpoetry@gmail.com)
FIC/NON-FIC 5/2 3pm (olivetreeprose@gmail.com)

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Culinary Arts Contest Update

Calling all foodies!

We've made some updates on information concerning our Culinary Arts Contest.  Check it out!

It's National Poetry Month!

…and something tells me we ought to be writing, yes? Yes. I’m definitely in the mood for words. My words, your words, in prose or in poetry or however you wish to serve it to me just writeeee.

The OTR staff got together to make prompts up for all of this month. Hopefully some of them or all of them or at least one of them will inspire you to write. If there's something you've been meaning to work on, or if you happen to have a favorite word, an idea for a prompt, a poetic form...please share! Throw ideas at us any time.
For now, here are the first ten:

4/1: ode to--
4/2: commitment
4/3: new faces
4/4: transplant
4/5: messenger and/or lyric
4/6: misunderstanding and/or loose buttons
4/7: stream(s)
4/8: the sound of a binder snapping
4/9: window / temporary
4/10: (fake) interview

On our FB page we'll be posting up the day's prompt. You are more than welcome to share whatcha got--or not. Though it is quite inspiring to see the works of others.

Please keep this date in mind: 4/14. It’s poem-in-your-pocket day. I didn't make this up--I promise. But do know I will be pickin’ pockets and I better find me some poems.

Also, every Thursday from 1-2 we will be working a prompt in the office. Please do stop by!

Happy writing, y’all.