It's National Poetry Month!

…and something tells me we ought to be writing, yes? Yes. I’m definitely in the mood for words. My words, your words, in prose or in poetry or however you wish to serve it to me just writeeee.

The OTR staff got together to make prompts up for all of this month. Hopefully some of them or all of them or at least one of them will inspire you to write. If there's something you've been meaning to work on, or if you happen to have a favorite word, an idea for a prompt, a poetic form...please share! Throw ideas at us any time.
For now, here are the first ten:

4/1: ode to--
4/2: commitment
4/3: new faces
4/4: transplant
4/5: messenger and/or lyric
4/6: misunderstanding and/or loose buttons
4/7: stream(s)
4/8: the sound of a binder snapping
4/9: window / temporary
4/10: (fake) interview

On our FB page we'll be posting up the day's prompt. You are more than welcome to share whatcha got--or not. Though it is quite inspiring to see the works of others.

Please keep this date in mind: 4/14. It’s poem-in-your-pocket day. I didn't make this up--I promise. But do know I will be pickin’ pockets and I better find me some poems.

Also, every Thursday from 1-2 we will be working a prompt in the office. Please do stop by!

Happy writing, y’all.