Missed Connections

So, as you may know, it is exactly a week to our open mic event! This semester's theme is Missed Connections, named after the popular Craigslist personals page.  Now, don't lie -- I know you've looked at that page and wondered if the person described was you, or what the story was behind a sad, regretful MC ad that declared love to a nameless person out there.  The truth is, we all find stories like these compelling, especially in the city, where anonymity and getting lost in the crowd can be quite common.  We all want to be noticed and have our happy endings.

This is something that even Hollywood and the like has tried to replicate.  Here, I list some of my favorite stories of Missed Connections and modern romances depicted on celluloid ('cause I'm that excited about the upcoming event).  Enjoy!


One of my favorite films of all time, My Sassy Girl is about a guy, Gyun-woo, who falls for a girl (simply named The Girl, played to sassy perfection by Jeon Ji-Hyun/Gianna Hyun), with whom he has a crazy relationship and subsequent falling out.  Based on actual accounts by author Ho-sik Kim (upon whom Gyun-woo's character is based), Gyun-woo writes a series of stories based on their romance and puts it on the internet, in hopes that their story is told and The Girl will make his way back to her.

A comedy of Sassy proportions!


Serendipity (2001)
Jonathan and Sara meet "accidentally" in New York City and end up having a night they'll never forget.  Ten years later, when engaged to other people, they each decide to try to find the other, causing a lot of near misses and miscommunication in the process.  Starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack.


On the Line (2001)
Remember when *N Sync was still relevant?  In this film, Lance Bass plays a shy guy (big stretch there, huh?) who meets his Dream Girl (Entourage's Emmanuelle Chriqui) on the el train.  Encouraged by his friends (who may or may not be members of a certain boy band), he puts up signs all over the station in order to find his girl.

Before Sunset (2004)
Nine years after they met in the prequel, Before Sunrise, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reprise their roles as Jesse and Celine, who meet again in Paris after the former publishes a novel about that amazing evening they spent in Vienna all those years ago. 


Now that you've seen these stories of missed connections told, it's time to tell your own (or someone else's, if you're feeling especially voyeuristic)!  Come to our event next Thursday, May 12th with your poetry, spoken word pieces, songs, etc.  It can be directly related to the theme, an actual Missed Connections account -- Craigslist-style -- or just Missed Connections-inspired.  And don't forget to dress the part, too!

REMINDER:  We will be tabling on Monday, so swing by to sign up for the open mic, or do so by sending us an email.  To learn more about the event, or to RSVP, go hereTabling hours forthcoming, so stay tuned!

Edit: We will be tabling from 3 to 6pm by the 3rd Floor Cafeteria!  Stop by and say hi! :)

"Missing" you already,