Upcoming Art & Writing Workshop Dates!

Don't be like him. Come to our workshops!
As you know, we had a writing/art workshop a couple weeks ago, which had a successful turnout.  We have a few more dates lined up for those of you who came (and wish to come) for the writing portion.  Each session will focus on specific techniques to get your words in tip-top shape!  Like last time, Senior Poetry Editor Reuben Santos will play host (he will be covering all creative writing). Senior Art Editor Connie Salvayon will simultaneously host the art portion. Come by to write or get feedback.

Connie believes that art is for the public. She encourages participatory arts and crafts creation, so don't be discouraged to join in on the arts section!

*All events will take place from 1-3pm

Assonance & Alliteration. 
Oct 26

Rhyme & Symbol.
Nov 9

Image & Word Order.
Nov 23

Dec 7

As for further Art workshop dates and times, we will let you know, so keep checking back for more info!