Good News! Extended Deadline & Editorial Meeting Dates!

We have extended our deadline to Friday, December 9th. No surprise to those of your who are familiar with the OTR.

Which means if you drop it in our mailbox anytime between that Friday night and the following Monday morning, we won't know.

So proofread, edit, retouch, resize, or whatever else you need to do and get your submissions to us! Don't forget the mandatory contracts.
Submitters will be notified of their submission's status by the end of the semester.

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Editorial Meeting Dates
Art: 12/16, 6pm
Fiction/Non-Fic: 12/15, 4pm
Poetry: 12/14, 1-3pm
at Thomas Hunter Rm. 212

Some friendly reminders:
  • Only editors who finish reading/viewing all submissions and attend the meeting will be credited in the issue. This applies except when you finish all your editorial duties and email olivetreereview(at), notifying me that you cannot attend for whatever reason).
  • Regardless of how much you have edit or if you show up, your comments and votes will be considered!
  • DO NOT let others know what piece(s) you submitted until after the meeting is adjourned (or we'll have to withdraw your submission).

These meetings can last anywhere between 1-4 hours. For section specific inquiries, please get in touch with:
  • Sn. art editor - Connie:  olivetreeart(at)
  • Sn. fic/non-fic editor - Ben:  olivetreeprose(at)
  • Sn. poetry editor - Reuben:  olivetreereviewpoetry(at)

The compensation for editors' time and devotion will be all the free candy you want at the meeting.

All the best!