We're going green! Important spring updates

Thomas Hunter 212. Join us.
This semester we have many new and exciting things lined up for you! First of all, we're transitioning from hard-copy to online submissions. That means no paper! Forget your CDs and floppy disks! What year are we in?! Not only are we saving ourselves the headache of pointless data-entry, but we're streamlining the entire production process.

Students can submit entries and contracts online that will be screened by the managing editor (me). If there are guideline issues you'll be contacted. If there aren't, they'll be assigned to the editors account which is set to the highest blind level, so the only thing they can view is what you write in the content section or the image you submit. You also don't have to be in school to submit (especially if you're trying to beat the deadline). Working online reduces our paper trail, so you'll be notified about your submission status more quickly than in the past.

Editors don't have to depend on our office hours to edit, because they can edit from any computer at anytime by signing into the shared editors account. Our office is almost always open, so anyone is welcomed to come and chill or use our computers to edit! Meetings will still be held in person.

If you want to actually see the online submission manager, take a look at this (update: editors now use Dropbox to view your files. Submittable will be used to view submission only during the editorial meetings):

Appears best in HD and full-screen!

Deadline is scheduled for April 15 (no extended date this semester!)

We have some exciting events brewing up at the Olivetree such as art film screenings, more art and writing workshops, our semesterly open mic, and our first ever issue release party. We'll be purchasing a lot of empanadas this semester. Also, there'll be regular club meeting time is every Wednesday 1-3pm. Contests details are coming soon too! Check out or add our Google calender.

And finally, don't overlook our new online publication. A few months ago I discovered a free self-publishing online website called Issuu and decided to integrate it into the OTR production cycle. I hope you enjoy it and will share it with your friends and families who live outside of NY and abroad. That's the magic of the Internet.

Keep checkin` in,

Intern at The Center for Fiction!

© Center for Fiction
The Center for Fiction, located in Midtown, is looking for spring 2012 interns who can work in the following departments: Events, Development/Programming, or Book Shop Retail and Marketing.

For more details on the programs and how to apply, please check out centerforfiction.org/about/internships.

Hurry! Apply before the semester starts!

P.S. Happy birthday to MLK, Jr. who would have been eighty-three years old today.

Ai Weiwei "Sunflower Seeds" in NYC!

The worldly famous "Sunflower Seed" exhibit that appeared in London's Tate Museum is now in New York City. And check this ... admission is free!

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is a contemporary artist that focuses on political and cultural aspects/criticism. Last year, Weiwei made headline news after he was arrested before trying to catch a flight to Hong Kong and became prisoner to the Chinese government. A statement was made that he was under investigation for alleged economic and political crimes. The action resulted in a global outcry and movement in which fans all around the world signed petitions for his release, created websites, and even began an organization called Free Ai Weiwei. He was released on bail in June. Weiwei's porcelain "Sunflower Seed" exhibit is truly a remarkable work of art. If you're a fan, go check it out!

Photo by Kimberly Patino
The exhibit is on view until February 4th
541 West 24th Street
Open from 10:00am to 6:00pm
Gallery is closed on Sundays & Mondays

Artistic Intern Opportunites at Coney Island!

Greetings all OTR Readers and welcome to 2012! :)
For Issue 50 Fall 2011, the Olivetree Review received over 200 art submissions and 100 poems! Once again, thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to the editors who took the time to make sure the upcoming issue will be spectacular!

Looking for internships revolving around art performances and events? Coney Island kicks off the new year with volunteer and internship programs for current students and recent graduates. The non-profit institution presents internships that vary from art management, membership, development, event planning, technical theater, museum & archive collection management, and exhibit design! 

For more about application deadlines and more information, visit the Coney Island website at http://www.coneyisland.com