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EVENTS: Campus MovieFest 2012

Yes, Hunter College students -- Campus MovieFest is back!  We received this message from Brandon Chong, calling on all aspiring filmmakers:
My name is Brandon Chong and I’m writing you on behalf of Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival. We travel to over 75 campuses across the U.S. giving students the opportunity to make their own 5 minute movies in a week. Students receive an Apple laptop and a Panasonic HD camera as well as the opportunity to compete for prizes and national exposure. We’re really excited to be back at Hunter College again this year, and we are looking for ways to get the word out about CMF and give students a chance to tell their stories. 
This is our fourth year at Hunter College and we will be on campus starting in March. Students will have until the 13th of March to sign-up. Filming week will last from March 13-19th.
For more information please check out our website and check out your school’s page at h…

Writing Sessions! Thursdays and Fridays!

Thanks to everyone who came to our room on Friday! You made the first writing session of the semester a success! Senior Fiction/Non-Fiction Editor, Christopher, and Senior Poetry Editor, David, will host weekly writing sessions from 12-2pm. They'll will explore various elements of writing: struggles one might find in writing, the development of story, finding a voice and style and much more. There will be a strong emphasis on writing exercises and group discussions as we voluntarily share our writing with one another. Time will also be spent learning more about different mediums such as playwriting, screenwriting, spoken word, poetry and more. Please feel free to bring old, new or unfinished work.

The dates are as follows:
2/16, 2/24, 3/01, 3/08, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/05 4/19, 4/26, 5/03, 5/10
Those who attend will be notified about structured workshops.
For more events and details, please visit or add our CALENDAR

Film screenings this semester!

In an attempt to utilize our room for more literary/art based activities (because we almost lost TH212), we're hosting small film screenings in our room at 1pm. They're in some way connected to visual art or creative writing, so after the screening we'll hold an informal discussion and free-write based on the images and themes explored in the film and discussion. Hopefully this will be a fruitful experience, especially for those of your who plan on submitting. The dates are as follows:
2/22 - La Dolce Vita 3/07 - Howl 3/21 - Frida
4/04 - Short Cuts 4/18 - Delicatessen
More dates after the 18th might be added. For more events and details, please visit or add our CALENDAR.


Paid Educational Study

This is a message from Talia Ergas, a senior at NYU, who is looking for Hunter students to take part in paid sociological research. I have recently received a DURF grant to complete my Sociology Honors thesis, and am excited to embark on my research.
As you have experienced, a multitude of factors determine any student’s educational trajectory. For my research, I want to take a closer look at the specific factors that play a role in a students decision-making and transition process from high school to college. This will be done through in-depth interviews (approximately an hour in length) with current university students. I am reaching out to you in the hopes that some members of your club might be interested in meeting with me for one of these interviews. Please note that all participants will be paid for their time. Interviews can be conducted on the Hunter campus or at a public location of the participant’s choosing. Interviews will be conducted in the following weeks, according to p…