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"Does Art Matter?": A Question Uniting the World

Today has posted up a question that has had the social networking world in an all-time buzz: "Does Art Matter?". Yes, it may appear to be a simple however this inquisition has always been asked and debated over for years. From the average college student to philophers, scholars and even celebrities, the importance of art has been given numerous of responses regarding its purpose in todays society. Many individuals support it's existance and say that art is not only important but essential. Art, regardless of whatever medium it may be (paint, film, music, photography, etc) allows people of all ages to create an entirely different world in their minds. This technique has been used by the greats which we now idolize and admire. However there are numerous of people who reply that art pushing the boundaries of society and how artists "often get validation of money, social standing, friends, food, sex, jobs, drugs, etc. by sharing their art" causing them…

Cheap Art Supplies for Students!

Happy Friday Everyone :) !!
Attention all artists, students, everyone: It has been clear to me these past couple of days that a lot of college students are unaware that they could receive art supplies at a very very LOW price just because they are a student. So, here's some info for you! This weekend the student friendly art store Utrech will be selling all Utrecht Studio Oils, Utrecht Artists' Oils - 37ml Tubes, all Utrecht Studio Acrylics, all Utrecht Artists' Acrylics and all Utrecht Fluid Acrylics. Utrecht Lowest Prices... GUARANTEED!
Click on the link below for more info:
Have an awesome weekend!!

Updates! Bake sale, Frida, AASP, henna, What is 'Woman' Today?

Wednesday, March 21 1-5pm, Hunter North 3rd Floor: Amnesty International, a human rights club chapter at Hunter, will be holding a Treats! Sale to promote Education Under Fire and do general club outreach. I will be selling homemade chocolate-dipped strawberries and Indian rice pudding (kheer), so stop by and show support!

1-4ish, TH 212: Frida, a biographical film about surrealist painter Frida Kahlo, will be screened in our tiny room. A discussion and free-write will follow.

Friday, March 23 7:30pm doors, HW 615: Watch the Campus Movie Fest finale screening at Hunter! The best entries from Hunter students will be shown. Editors of OTR created a movie called "The Student Body," that was filmed right in our little room. Perhaps we're a finalist. Find out on Friday!

Wednesday, March 28 1-3pm, TH 212: Another arts & crafts workshop will be coordinated by Sn Art Editor, Connie. The activity will be henna tattoo making.

3-6pm, TH 105: In honor of Woman's History Month, ther…

Spring 2012 OPEN MIC! Deconstructing Gender

Save Thursday, April 19th, for The Olivetree's bi-annual open mic!
7-11pm @ TH105
RSVP on Facebook! 

We never disappoint so bring your writing, music, dancing shoes, and friends. Event is open to all (bring ID). This time, our theme is "deconstructing gender." Participants aren't required to use this theme as a prompt but we'd like to encourage you to explore, critique, and discuss gender in your work, then bring it to the mic!

All performers have a 5 minute limit.
Refreshments will be served (cupcakes, empanadas, and fair-trade chocolate)!

Here are some quotes from gender theorists to get you started:
"To be a woman is to have become a woman, to compel the body to conform to an historical idea of 'woman'" ... "Consider gender, for instance, as a corporeal style, an "act," as it were, which is both intentional and performative..." - Judith Butler  ‎"And if we consult literary history, it is the same story. It all comes back…