"Does Art Matter?": A Question Uniting the World

Today NYC-Art.org has posted up a question that has had the social networking world in an all-time buzz: "Does Art Matter?". Yes, it may appear to be a simple however this inquisition has always been asked and debated over for years. From the average college student to philophers, scholars and even celebrities, the importance of art has been given numerous of responses regarding its purpose in todays society. Many individuals support it's existance and say that art is not only important but essential. Art, regardless of whatever medium it may be (paint, film, music, photography, etc) allows people of all ages to create an entirely different world in their minds. This technique has been used by the greats which we now idolize and admire. However there are numerous of people who reply that art pushing the boundaries of society and how artists "often get validation of money, social standing, friends, food, sex, jobs, drugs, etc. by sharing their art" causing them to be selfish individuals depleating the system (See Article).

Whether you live in a small town in Quebec or the busy streets of New York City, it is safe to say that art is everywhere. Is it on billboards, magazines and even walking down the street while going to work/ class. As a college student who has heard both sides of the debate, I say that it is absolutely important and it constantly not given the credit that it rightfully deserves. Art in my opinion equals life.

Now, what do you think. Does art matter to you? Or is it unimportant? And why? We wanna hear what you have to say! Get into the convo and post your responses here or you can follow to debate:

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