Mar 15, 2012

Spring 2012 OPEN MIC! Deconstructing Gender

Connie at our Fall 2011 open mic
Save Thursday, April 19th, for The Olivetree's bi-annual open mic!
7-11pm @ TH105
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We never disappoint so bring your writing, music, dancing shoes, and friends. Event is open to all (bring ID). This time, our theme is "deconstructing gender." Participants aren't required to use this theme as a prompt but we'd like to encourage you to explore, critique, and discuss gender in your work, then bring it to the mic!

All performers have a 5 minute limit.
Refreshments will be served (cupcakes, empanadas, and fair-trade chocolate)!

Here are some quotes from gender theorists to get you started:
"To be a woman is to have become a woman, to compel the body to conform to an historical idea of 'woman'" ... "Consider gender, for instance, as a corporeal style, an "act," as it were, which is both intentional and performative..." - Judith Butler 
‎"And if we consult literary history, it is the same story. It all comes back to man – to his torment, his desire to be at the origin. Back to the father." - Helen Cixous
"When you take his toys away, Bond has very little propping up his performance of masculinity. Without the slick suit, the half smile, the cigarette lighter that transforms into a laser gun, our James is a hero without the action or the adventure." - Judith/Jack Halberstam 
Contemporary Artists Deconstructing Gender:

Robert Mapplethorpe 

Kiki Smith 
Felix Gonzalez- Torres 
Vanessa Beecroft 
Matthew Barney 
Coney Island Mermaid Parade