Contest Winners and Open Mic Re-Cap

A warm congratulations to the winners of the Spring 2012 contests!
"The Flow" by Jantsa Erdenebayar (art)
"The Black Hole Speaks" by Cailen Jimenez or CJ (poetry)
"Tricks are for Kids" by Esther Ko (fiction)
"Seeing Eye God" by Alanna Wray (poetry runner-up)

Check out their winning pieces in Issue 51. As was mentioned before, anyone who didn't make the finals will still be considered for publication. I also want to thank everyone for submitting this semester. In the short time we're had open submissions, we've received art and writing from 77 students. Without the help of our OTR staff, USG, Media Board, caring professors and the coordination of the art and english department, we'd have a much smaller pool of submissions to edit.

I want to thank everyone who attended and/or performed at the open mic and helped with set up and break down. And a huge thanks to everyone who provided artwork for our pop-up gallery. Also, a shout out of Connie for organizing it. You all rock. Like last semester, we had a FULL HOUSE! I announced the contest winners and gave the present students this pre-prize festive cupcake:
... with a missing dinosaur head. Opps.
It's been awhile since attendees used the theme as a prompt and I'm glad the notion of "deconstructing gender" has struck inspiration (and wardrobe changes) in many. To see more photos from Thursday night, visit our Facebook album. Here are some highlights from the event.

Delicious cupcake catering was provided by the wonderful Megan Marino.
Our perennial Master of Ceremonies, David Tuchman. Visit his Tumblr and Facebook for more of his comedy.
Prose editors Lou G. and Esther Ko performing a scene from To Have and Have Not.
Contest winner CJ performing a powerful piece that was about more than just cat-calling.

Senior prose editor Chris in pink (who changed after the event), performing "Totally like whatever, you know?" by Taylor Mali.
David, our senior poetry editor, performing a comic poem inspired by the Yoruba warrior-god, Ogun.
Our awesome art editor, Connie, reading her poetry along with a piece by Margaret Atwood.
Jae bringing the stage to the audience (Jae provided a portion of the playlist)!
Belly dance performance by Katie.
Classical Hindu dance performance.
Performance of "Just Friends" by Natalia (sax) and Denzel (trombone).
TH 105 fully occupied.
The Olivetree Review is here to stay.