Announcing Fall 2012 contests! Four of 'em!

In addition to fifty bucks, you may also win a cupcake

Announcing four separate contests for the Fall 2012 semester! 

We're having our first ever Drama contest: submit up to ten pages of any script or screenplay for the chance to win a $50 gift card. All rights remain with the author, and this in no way prohibits you from getting your play performed.

Also we have a new Art contest, where artists are encouraged to send in a series of works on the theme of the digital age. Our Prose contest is a short 1500 word, two-character scene with an unstated conflict. And our Poetry contest is an ekphrasis: a poem that describes or reacts to a work of art, be it painting, sculpture, dance, film, whatever.

For more info and how to submit, check out our Contests page. Contest deadline is November 11, so lets get those submissions coming in!

All contest submissions will be judged blind by the senior editors. Submissions can be considered for regular publication in OTR issue 52.