Art Info Session

Hello Artists/Photographers/Editors/and-Interested-Parties!

We're glad to have you on board. The Art section of the Olive Tree Review is happy to announce the first General Art Information Session will be on Wednesday, September 12, at Noon (12pm) in TH212 (Thomas Hunter Hall).  We're excited that you're interested in submitting or editing, or working with us this semester.

If you can't make it to the first meeting, you're welcome to Reply with feedback (  Additionally, the Olive Tree Review seeks to be a resource for students; so email us your art shows, poetry readings, and events.  Even interesting Art events around town! We'll post educational and art-related events on our Blog, as well as Hunter Student events.

We are also happy to offer our photography services for Fine Art and 3D artwork.  We know that it's hard enough to finish the work.  Submitting should be manageable.  Appointments can be made to bring your work in to photograph, or we can give advice on how to submit (stop by the Office and ask for Ana). 

Graphic Artists:  We love to have volunteers for making posters!

The General Art Information Meeting Agenda:
1) To present and answer general questions about how to submit
2) To answer questions about becoming an Editor-- It's easy!  Anyone can join, vote, and help out!
3)  Learn about our Workshops:  How to Photograph Your Work, How to Submit to Galleries, How to Sell Your Work in the City (taxes and permits)
4) To discuss interest in different events:  Art Gallery Walks (Lower East Side, Soho, Chelsea); Museum visits (Metropolitan Museum, MOMA, there are a million in the city, suggestions are welcome).
5) To learn how to get involved in other ways: Graphic Design, posters, tabling with us (you can also fill out the CONTACT INFO sheet on

Submission Information: Submissions for OTR Issue 52 are now open. We now accept email submissions.

Editor Information:  There's a meeting in December when the Submissions have closed, to vote on the submissions (they will have the submitter's information removed/anonymous to be fair).  You can be an editor, even if you submit work; it helps to understand the process and get anonymous feedback.  If you're unfamiliar with DropBox, just ask us for help.

Thanks for your interest!  See you on Wednesday!
Senior Art Editor