Oct 22, 2012

NOV15 7-11pm TH105. OTR Open Mic: The End of the World

Nov 15 is our world-famous Open Mic, where some of the best talent from Hunter and beyond comes out for a night of poetry, stories, music, dance, costumes and whatever else can fit on a stage. We have a theme, but your performances don't have to follow it. This event is free and open to the public. Food and drinks will abound. Check out some photos from last semester. 

This Fall, our theme is The END of the WORLD.
Not pictured: dinosaurs, tidal waves, nanobots, Stay-Puft
Some people think the Mayans said the world is ending on Dec 21, 2012. Believe it? Neither do we. But it's an interesting thought — as things like natural disasters, pandemics and global warming loom over your head, sometimes you have to wonder to yourself: What if this is the end? What if this is the last night? And if the world did end, what would I do? What would matter to me?

We invite you to think about these things. But don't get too gloomy: if the zombie apocalypse does come, or the robots take over, or if a giant tidal wave of acid from space dissolved half the known world, we'll be right there along side you, helping you load your shotgun. So come on, step up to the mic! It may be your last chance.
This year's Open Mic also has some fun new additions: 

First, we're giving away a number of raffle prizes to people who RSVP on our Facebook. That's right, just click "I'm Going" on Facebook, show up, and maybe you'll win something nice! 

Next, we're having a quick and dirty writing contest. If this were the end of the world, what would your last journal entry be? Or, if the end of the world happened, what would your first post-apocalypse entry be? Sad, scared, funny, irreverent? Send short journal works to otrsubmissions@gmail.com with the subject line "Journal Contest" for a chance to win a prize. Top entries will be announced at the open mic and asked to read their work (or to have someone read their work for them), and the winner will go home with a fun Survival Kit, which may or may not include a gift card.

So polish up your performances, RSVP on Facebook, and kiss your butt goodbye!

Till then, keep calm, carry on, and for god sakes Remain Indoors.