Oct 23, 2012

Open Mic Journal Contest

Announcing our Open Mic Journal Contest

It's the end of the world. What's your last journal entry? Or, the world has ended, what's your entry on the day after? It can be funny, sad, irreverent, heartfelt, you name it. Length can be whatever you wish, but remember there's a three minute time limit.

Mail your journal entries to otrsubmissions@gmail.com with the subject line "Journal Contest." Include your name, email, and Hunter email. Top entries will be called up to read at the Open Mic on Nov. 15 and the winner chosen. (You may have a proxy read if you're shy.)

The champion will go home with a fun Survival Kit, which may or may not include a gift card!

Remember to RSVP on Facebook to the Open Mic for a chance to win some of our other raffle prizes!