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Final Weekend of Submissions for Issue 52

There's only two more days to Submit to the OTR, so get those pieces polished and ready and send them our way!

Fall Open Mic: The End of the World recap

The Fall 2012 Open Mic was a huge success. Check out the Facebook Photo Album
Thanks to everyone who came out to read, perform, jam, freestyle and rant! So many people signed up we're sorry we couldn't get to  everyone in the time allotted. And thank you especially to those who helped decorate and clean up afterwards.

Art Contest Update

After the devastating hurricane, and in the wake of new technology, it is an avant garde art idea to make do with what we have. So, we are accepting a slight variation on work for the Art Contest, and encouraging everyone to send in pictures or drawings or even well-done graphic-novel-style artwork. The Art Contest has been extended to include any work in several frames which deals with modern life (however you may interpret this).

If you've already submitted that's great! But we encourage more people to submit to the art contest for the chance to win a $50 gift certificate and publication in OTR Issue 52. As always, send works as attachments to with the subject line "ART CONTEST: Your Name." 

Contest Deadline Extended

Big news. Everyone's still a little behind (including us), and enough people have asked, so we've decided to extend the deadline for contest submissions up to Nov 25. If you've already submitted, your entries have been received and logged. But if you couldn't get a submission completed on time, you now have until the deadline for regular submissions to get something to us.

Click here for info about our contests. Up to $200 in prizes!

Unfortunately, this means we cannot announce the contest winners at the Open Mic as planned. Winners will be announced the first week of December, on our website and via email.

This is the final extension we're giving. Nov 25 will be the absolute final deadline for both contest and regular submissions.

Any questions, email the editor at

Free Performance of "Intimate Apparel"

G'evening ladies and gents! Despite a hell of a hurricane followed by heavy snow, OTR is still in session. Open Mic is still scheduled for next Thursday, November 15th, 7-11 pm in TH105. However, we are looking for graffiti artist extraordinaires to decorate our wall with doodles. Go wild - show up at 5:30 pm or contact us for more information.

If you can brave the crazy weather, our Editorial Assistant is performing in "Intimate Apparel," a theater production that is free for Hunter students with ID. Louis Gaudio has been spotted practicing his Romanian accent. The remaining performances are scheduled on November 8th (Thursday) and November 9th (Friday) at 7:30 pm, and November 10th (Saturday) at 3 pm.

A reminder to all: we still need contest entries and regular submissions. For editors, don't forget to read and review the art, prose and poetry entries on our Dropbox account.

Wishing you a great day,

OTR/HTC Drama Contest update

OTR's first ever drama contest is also our first-ever collaboration with the Hunter Theatre Company, which hosts the undergraduate playwright festival, a night of student-produced scenes from Hunter playwrights and screenwriters from all levels of experience. By entering the OTR drama contest you are not only eligible for a $50 Gift Card to Amazon and publication in OTR Issue 52, but also for a staged reading of your scene at the festival. And vice-versa.

Judging for either prize is separate, so it is possible to win both prizes, or one or the other. The HTC chooses several scenes a semester to produce, and the OTR considers all scenes for publication. Publishing in the OTR in no way limits your ability to get your play/screenplay produced.

We have a 10-page or 10-minute limit on all entries (though we are flexible). Submissions should be emailed as an attachment to with the subject "DRAMA CONTEST: your name." In the interest of fairness we ask tha…

Poetry Contest Update and Inspirations

Hopefully everyone is recovering patiently after a tumultuous week. The contest deadlines are quickly approaching so here's an update on the guidelines. There aren't many! 
An ekphrasis can be a piece of writing inspired by any art form. We're broadening the definition so you can use plays, art installations, dances, music performances, photography, and so on. This includes photojournalism, which has been considered an art since the early to mid 20th century. Think Henri Cartier-Bresson.
Try to draw inspiration from the plethora of photos of the unprecedented extra-tropical cyclone, Sandy. Visit the NYtimes for more photos of the aftermath.

Submit here. Forget "classic" or "fine" art. Think contemporary. Keep writing and be safe. We look forward to your well-mused submissions.