Announcing the Winners of the OTR Fall 2012 Art and Writing Prizes

"Open Windows" by Sandra Talbot 
from "Nerves" by David Carmona
"@Anne_Blingbling" by Hubert Silva

Art: The Digital Age
"Pixellate," "Outlet Needed," and "Open Windows"
by Sandra Emily Talbot

"Nerves" by David Carmona
Portraits by Hubert Silva

Drama: Short Scene
"A Clean Bill of Health"
by Jason Sloan

"Thespis" by Alain G. Cloarec
"Fall" by Michael Chu-A-Kong

Poetry: Ekphrasis
"The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai"
by Brian Kerr

Prose: What Do You Want?
"Alive" by Brenda Wong

"Dive into Oblivion" by Michael Betza

Congratulations to all winners, who will receive a $50 Gift Card to All winners and runners-up will be featured in Issue 52 of The Olivetree Review, due to come out early Spring. Thank you again to all who entered. We were all pleasantly surprised by the quality of submissions this year and decisions were tough.

If your work hasn't been chosen by our Senior Editors as a prize winner, don't fret. All contest submissions are rolled over into general submissions after the contest. General submissions will not be reviewed for another week, so you may still be chosen for publication.